Axe Throwing

Axe Throwing is a target sport, similar to darts, and it’s on the rise. Players stand behind a foul line, approximately 10-12 feet from the target (depending on venue and organization), and try to throw their axe into the target. The targets are labeled like most target sports, with the highest points in the bullseye, and decreasing the further your axe lands from the center. At the end of the game, players add up their throws and the highest score wins. Every place has slightly varying rules, but those are the basics.

The Axe Throwing group has been meeting at Ryan Family Amusements on Rt 28 in South Yarmouth.  Cost will depend on the number of Members participating, but is generally $10 per person for one hour.  This location also provides us the option of different types of targets, and an electronic scoring system.  

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